Experience the Natural Wonders of Mallorca


Mallorca has been long known amongst European birdwatchers and nature lovers as a major wildlife hotspot in the Western Mediterranean. In spring and autumn thousands of migratory birds cross the island during their long journeys. Threatened, rare or absent species on the continent breed and can easily be seen here, such as Eleonora’s falcon, Black vultureBonelli’s eagle, the endemic Balearic warbler and Balearic shearwater, Moustached warbler, Purple heron, Red-knobbed coot, Purple swamphen, Audouin’s GullEuropean Bee-eater, just to mention a few. If you haven’t been birding in Mallorca, you miss a lot!

Many orchids and endemic plants are found in the forests, sand dunes and mountains. The island offers you a great diversity of habitats, ranging from wetlands, sand dunes and beaches, Mediterranean scrub, Holm oak and pine forests, ancient olive groves and agricultural land to rocky cliffs and high mountains.

Mallorca is also home to remains of ancient cultures and traditions, such as Bronze, Iron Age and Roman settlements, medieval castles, 16th century coastal watching towers, traditional farmhouses and rural architecture.

Would you like to…

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…enjoy astonishing landscapes and amazing sunsets?
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…visit ancient historical sites?
…learn about Mallorca’s culture and traditions?

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